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25.11.14 Classical: Sofia Gubaidulina - In Erwartung

Sofia Gubaidulina - In Erwartung | Ses Rêveries

I'm just a teensy bit obsessed with this woman's use of different instruments in a genre I often (foolishly) stereotype excessively. She and her music are stunning.

24.11.14 WISHLIST: Reiss Open-Front Lola Boots

Reiss Lola Open Front Boots | Ses Rêveries

You know how some stylists can make models look like they were dressed by the gods, while they traipse around town in slacks with greasy hair and no make-up? Yeah, I'm the regular-Joe version.

22.11.14 LOST FILES #004

LOST FILES #004 | Ses Rêveries

Location: Byrom Street, Manchester (I think... somewhere near MOSI, anyway)
Date: September 5, 2014
Camera: Canon EOS 600D + 50mm lens
Narrative: Any excuse to play with the focus on this thing, really

Photo by me. Please see the disclaimer for the blog's image use policy.

21.11.14 Inspiration: Hyperreal Food Photography with Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty's Hyper-Real Food Photography | Ses Rêveries

Last month saw an odd increase in food-related topics in my monologues, so it was only fitting that I gathered a few really scrumptious shots.

19.11.14 On Wednesday, We Heard... Mr Twin Sister

Mr Twin Sister - In the House of Yes | Ses Rêveries blog

Formerly known simply as Twin Sister, New York-based band Mr Twin Sister's In the House of Yes is the perfect soundtrack to my life lately. Hope you guys are having as fun a week as well!