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4.7.15 The Discovery Channel EP04 | @MisunBand

Misun - Met You (Cousin Cole X Nacey Edit) | Ses Rêveries

You really can't go wrong with the rich, sexy air-vibrations of the saxophone, as Sammy Banana proves. Add the twinkling saloon piano from John Lennon's Jealous Guy and you won't need a soothsayer to tell you you've got a winner on your hands. Enter Misun with Met You, stage left.

27.6.15 Photo Diary: Loidis I

Photo Diary: Loidis I | Ses Rêveries

Read all about the holiday I went on and didn't tell you about!

19.6.15 Vibes / Recluse

Vibes / Recluse | Ses Rêveries

I needed to get groceries. But that required putting on pants. So I stayed in and ate dry bread for dinner with my spirit animal, Mindy Lahiri.

I need friends. And food... still. Send help.

// a self portrait

18.6.15 Journal: Riddick

Disclaimer: there may or may not be NSFW material in this post. I'm not actually being coy, I literally don't know anymore... but you've been warned either way.

17.6.15 The Discovery Channel EP03 | UDUDEAGU

I can honestly say I have no idea what's going on in this short, but I still quite like it. Warning: major spoiler alerts so maybe watch the film first.