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4.3.15 MOOD BOARD // Autumn 2015

MOOD BOARD / Autumn 2015 | Ses Rêveries

Spring is nearly upon us. So naturally, here's my AW15 mood board.

3.3.15 Favourites: Misha Nonoo Fall 2015


Misha Nonoo's AW15 collection was the creme brûlée of crispy clean fodder for the minimalists, av impressive blend of modern classics and craftsmanship à la mode deceptively veiled by the collection's sophisticated simplicity.

Photo credit: (these guys are on fire this year tho)

2.3.15 #MusicMonday: RyanNicole - Killas

This Blk Pxls video of RyanNicole performing Killas at Yoshi's in Oakland has been competing with that stupid dress - you know the one - for my attention on Facebook this week. The former however, went down a hell of a lot smoother for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

1.3.15 Life Lately: February 2015

Life Lately: February 2015 | Ses Rêveries

I set the bar pretty high with last month's Life Lately, but February sucked a little too much for me to try to beat it. Proceed with caution; this is one of those wordy unfiltered posts.