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13.3.15 VIBES / I Been Drinkin'

Mary Jane Russell by John Rawlings for Vogue December 1953 | Ses Rêveries

I haven't been drinkin' personally, but this has been one of those weeks...

8.3.15 Journal: Notes on Stravinsky, Music & Film

Notes on Igor Stravinsky, Music & Film | Ses Rêveries

As has become blatantly obvious on the blog, I've taken a few steps back from "collecting" new music. Yes, I take a curatorial approach to the music I listen to, but my standards have skyrocketed to that awfully pessimistic stage where I write songs off based purely on the packaging. Newer names excite but usually disappoint and, somewhat ironically, the big names hold even less reverence as I'm convinced their over-hyped music saturating every media outlet will surely irritate.