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14.5.15 Playlist / May 2015

Playlist / May 2015 | Ses Rêveries

The countdown to exams begins - ahem... with less than a week to go to the first one.

9.5.15 Introducing: Justine Marcoux

Introducing: Justine Marcoux | Ses Rêveries

Guys, I'd like you all to meet Justine [Justine, meet the champions of my chronic procrastination].

4.5.15 Postcard 01 / Newbury

Postcard / Newbury, UK | Ses Rêveries

Yes! A legit reason for my absence (in two months, you'll be begging me to stop writing posts, I promise): I've been away - to Newbury, in fact!

29.4.15 Unified: Flatmate Chronicles 01

Unified: My Student Life | Ses Rêveries

Something very interesting happened over the weekend that has inspired this entire series (I know, another one?): my flatmate's been murdered.

26.4.15 INSPIRATION: Jason Derulo

Inspiration: Jason Derulo | Ses Rêveries

Never forget.

Poster by Karina So. for Ses Rêveries